Rosewater 72HR Version [PL] A2

The Storm Never Lifts

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    Rosewater [PL] - The Storm Never Lifts

    Kong King's Art style + Payload. Never mind the downpour from hell, the tracks are still dry enough to push a bomb through the cheery hills of Rosewater city.

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    Designed with Half-Life and Team Fortress Classic inspiration.

    pl_rosewater_a1 done in about 65 hours since contest start.
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  2. NoderNaeta

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    Positive Ratings:
    - Entry choke now bends into a building leading to the park.
    * Choke should be easier to defend and increase reliance on on teamwork to protect flanks
    - Concrete at first flipped
    - The park concrete is extended
    - Clipped off signs fixing perch points
    - Fixed storefront window being phaseable
    - Everyone is served dinner now
    - Details added to smooth aesthetics and gameplay
    - BLU spawns more forward after the park is captured
    - BLU spawn exit changed to flow out the far left (defender perspective)
    - BLU first spawn door stays open for 2 seconds instead of 4.
    - Added colour correction
    - Added more thunder sounds
    - Building by payload start expanded into a route
    - Info Observers changed
    - Added more cover at RED base to help defenders and fill in unused space
    - Shadow control changed to be darker
    - Fixed snag brush catching players in BLU spawn (thanks Glubbable)
    - Bone followers are disabled on food now
    - Removed contest entry game text
    - Custom content added & packed correctly for the first time! (map photos, res files, textures, models, and so forth)
    - Everyone is served dinner now
    - Oh wait this is still considered a 72 hour map, A2 is not 72 hour at all

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