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Rooms [A little Collaborated map]

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by Ugleh, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. Ugleh

    Ugleh L1: Registered

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    Hi there everyone, im working on a map simply called Rooms.
    There will be different versions for different gameplays and the rooms layouts will differ for each gameplay.
    I am creating the VSH version first, then Arena, onward to King of the Hill, then Capture the Flag. Thats about it. i don't have time to think of a layout for CP.

    Im not sure in the history of TF2Maps has there ever been a collaborated map of many people in the community, not just 2 or 3 people, so I thought I would try it out and see if it works, so read onnnnnnnnnn!

    The map will consist of any amount of rooms I can acquire from different Mappers. I have already made 15, and I expect myself to make about 20. I would like up to 30+ rooms to be in this map. The maps name is exactly what it is. They are rooms, 384x384 square rooms to be exact. All connected to each other or to other rooms. if you add a room ontop of a room the second floors "floor" will be the first floors "ceiling", and rooms next to each other share walls.

    The idea is you take this template:

    Then you design whatever room you want, save it as whatever, upload it to whatever, and then I will add it to the map and add you on the map designer list which will be in the trophy room. If you want a different name on the list then your forum name then tell me in the post.

    Leave part of the wall clear for the doorway, or make the doorway yourself. You do not need to limit yourself to 1 doorway, you can add them on every wall if you want your room to be like that. Here is some photos of already made rooms.

    Warning: The majority of these rooms are not done and just in its ruff draft stages so no need to tell notify me of map issues I already notice.

    1. Make sure there is a light source
    2. Make sure there is atleast 1 doorway
    3. If you add windows make sure you include artificial scenery the size of another room.
    4. Remove player spawn

    Lastly thanks. Im not asking anyone to do it, im not requesting anyone to do it, im merely suggesting an idea and would like collaboration as something fun and maybe worthwhile when all is done.
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  2. Miauw62

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    Hm, im not sure how good this will work for the more long-range classes like sniper (and mayby heavvy)
    But it sounds like a fun idea.