Rock story line

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Crime and Punishment
Oct 5, 2020
The Rock - Miners working in a government black site are exposed to an alien pathogen, The US government commissions the Rock a highly secure facility to study and dispose of the infected via gas chamber, Two PMC's are sent into retrieve samples of the virus but ended up missing in action.

The Rock 2 - The US Government seeking to contain the outbreak create another rock facility to process infected from nearby towns once again foreign agents infiltrate the facility but this time successfully escape spreading the virus now known as the "Rock" across New Mexico.

5 years later - Much of southern New Mexico has been converted into flesh, The first Flesh Titans emerge near Mayhill and begin to produce flesh spores.

The Rock 3 - A group of highly skilled mercenaries are hired to kill Flesh Titan Omega Beta Codenamed "The Rock" By being willingly eaten as they were injected with a high explosive nuclear compound that reacted violently with stomach acid. The flesh titan falls and both groups of mercenaries die

1 year later- An abandoned launch site on the outskirts of Truth or Consequences is turned into a nesting site by a Flesh Titan Code named "Phil"

The Rock 4 - Another group of highly trained operatives attempt to deliver an nuclear payload into the digestive tract of a developing Flesh spore destroying it.... The Titan named "Phil" is heavily damaged but survives this attempt on its life it quickly relocates deeper into the area only known as the meatworld.