KotH Roadside

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    KOTH Roadside is exactly what it says on the tin; a King of the Hill map with a big road in the middle. The road has a small bridge near the center of the map that is broken, with a control point under it.

    I would appreciate it if you could hop in the map and post your observations here, I don't think the map is going to be played on the tf2maps.net servers any time within the coming weeks, unless an impromptu happens.

    At first I wanted to do a type of truckstop or diner theme on the side of the road, but as I made the map I realized I couldn't extend the theme that far and into the team's spawn area and the buffer zone between the point and the spawn. (it might have worked as a CTF facade, but meh) I opted for a traditional industrial/warehouse theme that you see a lot in TF2. I may change the climate from desert to snow in the future as well. (I love snow)

    If you're wondering what those random orange blocks are (as of a1), I sort of got inspiration from badlands and I plan on using some of the new vehicle props from The Tf2 Emporium Vehicle Map Pack Competition. So there's your chance to get your vehicles into an actual map.
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    Feedback dump!


    I know it is alpha, but this is very misleading as it looks like a (death-)pit. Add a fence or simply block it


    I'm not sure whether this is a HL2 texture or not (someone else can confirm that for me). I suggest the chicken wire texture.


    This looks like a place you could go. Add a fence or something to show that you can't

    Lastly, there isn't that much ammo around mid. Maybe add a medium pack at each side?

    (Snow is the best terrain)