RGL.gg No Restriction Sixes Grand Finals

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    The RGL.gg No Restriction Sixes Grand Finals is finally here! It's a format where there are no weapons banned and no class restrictions. There have been a lot of unique strategies happening over the regular season, but what have these teams been holding back for the Grand Finals?

    Don't miss out on the live action! The match starts at 9pm Eastern this Wednesday, April 24th. They'll be playing on koth_viaduct, pl_borneo and cp_gullywash. With almost every major map type being played, teams will have to adapt their strategies for each map.

    Follow RGL.gg on their Twitch at twitch.tv/RGLgg to get notified when the match goes live.

    You can also sub to their YouTube channel to get the post match VODs.

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