RGL.gg Highlander Grand Finals

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    [​IMG] (Image credit: SFM - RedPanda and Poster - Raos)

    On the other side of RGL.gg, Invite Highlander finalists Man Crush Monday and Don't Press Tab will face off on August 16th, at 9:30 PM EDT, for the $1,024 prize pool! Watch the match live on RGL.gg’s official Twitch channel.

    With the RGL.gg 2021 Summer seasons coming to an end, registrations for the Fall seasons of Traditional 6v6 and Highlander will be opening up soon. If you're interested in participating in RGL.gg, please check the RGL.gg website and Discord server for information and updates. Now is a great time to try out competitive TF2 if you've never tried it. RGL.gg is the largest league in North America. As a bonus, participants will receive in-game medals!

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