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    The Carnival of Carnage (sd_doomsday_event) has all these nice stripey tent textures, but all of them are for models. That means there's AO-baking and other stuff in the texture files.
    What I want is somebody to take these textures and make them useable for hammer. Most importantly that means they need to tile.

    Examples of the ingame textures:

    hwn_carnival_canopy01.jpg hwn_carnival_canopy02.jpg hwn_carnival_canopy03.jpg hwn_carnival_canopy04.jpg hwn_carnival_canopy05.jpg
    Just look at all that gross AO baking, and the non-tiling dirt patches and folds.

    By the way, the stripes are actually controlled by this texture right here, so no need to have any in the texture itself.


    Finally, here are some other textures I would love to be able to use:

    halloween_racetrack_wall.jpg halloween_racetrack_wall_accent.jpg carnival_barricade01.jpg carnival_barricade02.jpg

    All textures can be found in tf2_textures_dir.vpk\materials\models\props_halloween.
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