Reversal of a weapon's stats (or role)

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Aug 6, 2014
Really, I'm more interested in ideas for reversing it's role than just the straight stats. I figured that this would be an interesting thought experiment, even if it never comes to fruition.

Bonus points for coming up with a new name for it.

Here's some of the more boring examples:
Creamator's Confrontation
(Backburner reversal)
-50% airblast cost
-75% damage penalty from behind

The Bustling Brass
(Brass Beast reversal)
+50% faster spin up time
60% less movement speed reduction while deployed

-20% damage penalty
+20% damage vulnerability while deployed

Okay here's something a bit more interesting:
The Servicer's Shooter
(Cleaner's Carbine Reversal)
+20% clip size
+25% faster fire rate

-35 Max HP
(The idea behind this being that instead of a "run in and shoot the bastards" gun, it is a reliable fallback weapon for a more passive sniper)

Here's some of the more fun ones:
The Danger Desperado
(Rescue Ranger Reversal)
+100% more bullets per shot
+33% clip size
+Bullets knockback ubered enemies

-60% accuracy
-Bullets damage your buildings

(Rather than tending to keep behind your sentry for the most part, due to the necessity of your sentry to survive, this weapon would work well for combat engies who want to run ahead of their sentries)

The Backup Beverage
(Jarate reversal)
+On alt-fire, gain crits on sniper rifle for 4 seconds.
(Instead of marking enemies and boosting the potential of your melee attack, this boosts the potential of your primary weapon)

The Chisled Charger
(Baby Face's Blaster reversal)
+Gain speed boost for 10 seconds when you drop below 40% health
+33% clip size bonus

+20% fire damage vulnerability on wearer
-10 max HP on wearer

(This weapon encourages scouts to pick off enemies who are off to the side as well as giving them an oppprtunity to escape when things get hairy, rather than constantly being in the meat of the battle)

Anyway, share your ideas! I wanna see where this goes.
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Dec 6, 2014
Oh god I remember this game in the good ol' SPUF days.


Aug 6, 2014
Here's another one me and my friends thought of:

The D.E.L.I.R.V. Grenade
(Sandvich reversal)
+Toss out a sandwich-based bomb that explodes with great force
-50 max HP
(Instead of trading an additional damage source for more survivability, you trade survivability for more killing power)

Okay, that's all you're getting from me. I want to hear you guys' ideas!