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Restore missing textures in the SDK - Slightly automated!

Discussion in 'Tutorials & Resources' started by Snacks, May 11, 2010.

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    Credit to YM for finding what to do.

    The problem is that every time you launch Source SDK, it reextracts and overwrites tf.fgd. While not perfect, you can fix this with a batch file.

    Here's what to do:
    Navigate to your Steam folder and go to:

    In this folder is the tf.fgd. Make a copy of this file into the same folder (bin) and rename it to something else, I used tf.fgd.bak

    Edit this new file. Remove the exclusions inside @MaterialExclusion at the top for some or all of the textures so that they will show up in hammer. Save it.

    Now make a batch file in this same folder. I made a text file and renamed it to FixSDK.bat

    This bat file does the work to replace tf.fgd with our edited fgd.

    Edit the bat file so it contains:
    @echo off
    del tf.fgd
    copy tf.fgd.bak tf.fgd
    The original fgd is deleted then the edited file is copied and renamed to take its place.

    Create a shortcut to the batch file so it is convenient to get to.

    To use this you have to run things in the right order:
    Open Source SDK ---> run the batch file ---> run Hammer
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  2. YM

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    Here is a better solution:

    Copy the tf.fgd and call it tf_something.fgd
    Make the edits
    open boojum's tf_abs.fgd and change the top include line to your new file.
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