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    OK, so I am putting the finishing touches on my map (as much as can be said for an alpha with all dev textures lol), but I am making the respawn rooms really respawney. However, how do I stop BLU from entering the red respawn room? And how do I make those little crosses, that tell them that they cant? Thanks in advance!
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    First, make a nodraw brush that covers your doorway. Then select (in the Face Edit Dialog) the side that will block enemies coming into the room (the door side). Set the material overlays\no_entry or something like that and apply it to the face. Click the "Fit" Button in the face edit dialog to auto-align the texture. Now tie it to a func_respawnroomvisualizer and set it to the appropriate team by setting the "Associated Respawn Room" Keyvalue...set it to the name of your func_respawnroom.

    Hope this helps. If my explanation was too vague, there's a better one here.