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    The following gamelogic setups for 3 to 6 controlpoints create a sort of domination gamemode. But instead of earning percentages, there are timers like in KotH. Whenever a Team holds more control points then the other team, the timer runs down. In addition, if one team holds all control points at once, it wins instantly.

    6 cp
    5 cp
    4 cp
    3 cp

    The setup for 2 cp has no instant win condition.

    I like the idea of the domination gamemode, but i wanted a timer instead of percentages. Research on this forum lead me to Zhans Multi-Point KotH. I liked the idea of using the KotH ingame logic for a multipoint setup. I toyed with it, but as far as i know there is a lethal flaw in the overtime condition. If any cap is in progress when a timer reaches zero, there will be overtime. This results in the bizarre situation, that a team that should win can postpone their victory by caping an additional point. In a cp setup with multiple points, there is always a cap or recap going on, so there would be no end to the game, only perpetual overtime.
    The Valve Developer Community Wiki aknowledges that this is a bug in its discussion of the SetWinner output of the team_control_point_master entity.
    Seeing that there is no solution to this problem i went back to TheBladeRodens original domination prefab. I continued to use Zhans method of determining the state of the control points. But in the use of math_counter entities instead of control point bound timers and displaying these artificial timers on the hud, i followed TheBladeRodens approach.