Resetting flag caps per round

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    Having finally worked out how to correctly implement a change in the caps per round on my ctf map, (thanks leeeron!) I am now faced with another question.

    The map uses a point_servercommand to override the server setting for tf_flag_caps_per_round to the one I want. However, that means that every subsequent ctf map on that server may ALSO end up being set to whatever value I want.

    Now, I could always send another point_servercommand at the end of the round to switch the value to 3. But what if the default value ISN'T 3? Is there any way to say "Go back to the default value for this variable?"

    The other problem, for which I doubt there is a solution, is that this will only work if the round ends naturally... if the map switches due to rtv or maptime ending, there's really nothing I can do, right?

    Stupid serverside variables... why isn't there a ctf control entity again?