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    Hi guys.Please delete another topic of mine.
    Now i clearly know what i want.
    I very need an experienced maper for trade servers.
    Money absolutely no matter.
    But please , write only those one's who are very experienced.
    If you can guys - just leave a comment about any guy on this forum who is one of the best in mapping trade maps.I will look forward!
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    Plenty of us are decent mappers but you have to give us at least some info about what we're going into if you want someone to do work for you.
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    DO NOT TRUST aDrenalinas he may not pay you for your work

    This guy asked me to make servers for him. I researched him, and found out he had been trying to ask people to make servers for him for months. (At first he was trying to buy out server groups) After learning this, I talked with this guy ( who posted on his original group page
    ( He told me he was asked to get people inside aDrena's original TF2 servers. The user worked with aDrena, got players in the server, but was never paid for his work. aDrena later closed those original servers due to the cost of operation, and unfriended the user he was supposed to pay.

    Here is the aDrena asking The other other owner of my group to help him make servers. (Comments)

    Here is the conversation I had with aDrena before I learned about who he was.

    Here is another user I talked with, who told me, he was not paid for his work.

    Do not work for or trust aDrena!

    You have been warned