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Model [Request] New Payload Cart

Discussion in 'Request Area' started by Cornish Gamehen, Dec 27, 2009.

  1. Cornish Gamehen

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    I have just started making a one-stage four point payload map, and I would appreciate it if anyone could help me by making a new payload cart model. My ideas for changes are:

    Picture (sorry but I am unable to embed it within the actual post itself):

    1. Angry face on the 'nose' of the cart.
    -Yellow eyes
    -Slanted eyebrows
    -Smiling mouth with sharp teeth

    2. 'Danger' style pattern around the steel nose of the bomb. (yellow and black)

    3.On the main blue bit of the bomb, navy blue flowers arranged in various sizes and positions.

    4. "Moist and delicious" written on the main body of the cart.

    5. Barbed wire wrapped around the outer body of the cart, in which the bomb is situated. Maybe debris still attached to the wire.

    6.Scratch marks/fade marks/rust/paint to make the cart and bomb look overall very worn and old.

    7.*Possibly* a shark's fin, same blue colour as the bomb, located atop the bomb.

    I realise, sympathise, and apologise simultaneously any the hideousness/ridiculousness/hilarity that this idea has. I realise that this is quite a large task, and I have literally all the time in the world, as I have only just started my map earlier today. I am open to deviation from the ideas, as long as it's generally more or less the same. The picture is a guide, not a final template. I'll stress that ideally it has to match very closely the artstyle TF2 has.
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    Ask the creator of the cart multiskin to add another skin slot or two.
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