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Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by The Political Gamer, May 3, 2009.

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    As most of you know it looks very strange when the background is moving but the map is not. (See ctf_convoy) My map like convoy is on a moving platform. However, it will look just as strange when it moves.

    Then a member of 2f2f said this: "You could add an element of humour and have the illusion of movement generated by a really obvious and repeating background canvas... Not sure how to describe it... There's something in that game The Movies which is what I mean, like a big skybox-esque picture cycled around a treadmill-thing, but on both sides of the train."

    What I am asking is it possible to make a fake looking "moving" background?
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    Fitting to the "Movies" Theme, you could make the moving texture look like canvas, held up in a big warehouse where the movies could be filmed. (A propaganda movie for Red/Blu?)
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    Your best bet would prob be a prop that had an animated background.
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    You could do it by just painting the texture and having it repeat, and then it's simple to make a scrolling texture.