Request italian/Venice themed koth map (rough sketch included)

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    koth_Venice is based made so that players can't have a straight path to the point. Its also made so both teams have There own little field to fight in.

    Some concerns with the map: it might be too enclosed, long sightlines, the point might be too crowded, the gondola (boat) might be a weird addition.

    First off is the spawn area, the spawn itself is a small building (where everyone spawns and where resupply is) and a spawn lobby, Seince the map is small this design is suppose to help with spawn camping. The field surrounding the spawn is suppose to act as a gathering area, with a building separating the two spawn areas and a small ammo and heath kit against a wall that's attached to the area.

    If you continue from the spawn you'll cross over a bridge that goes over a canal with a gondola (boat) in it that slowly goes back and forth in the stream, you can use this boat as a platform to cross or ride down the canal.

    Once you cross your bridge you'll come across a field this field is pretty much open besides the building in the middle making a choke point if you go in front of it, or a choke point if you go through it as it has shutters on both sides and a shutter facing the point, this building has a medium heath and ammo pack in it.

    the point is on a bridge in the middle of the canal, it would take 6 seconds to cap, a across from this point is the building that separates spawns with the only access into it from a shutter door pointed towards the point, in this building is a large health kit.

    Black lines: walls or defined area

    Grey lines: shutter doors

    Boat: gondola/boat

    Ladder looking thingy: stairs or inclined plane

    Squiggly lines: water

    Edit: added shutter doors to the sides of the building that separates the spawn areas, this acts like a spawn door, meaning the enemy cannot cross through that door if the door is closer to your spawn.

    New version:

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    This layout would not work well as it is.

    Koth layouts that have the point off to the side end up with teams mostly just killing each other since they are quicker to get to instead of the point. The point being on a bridge over what I assume is a death pit would lead to pyros airblasting players to their deaths constantly as they tried to cap, which is not fun and would make it a battle of whomever had the most pyros for whomever caps the point. The large bridges would make for long sightlines with the open field on the other side lacking any kind of purpose or tactical advantage for anyone to ever go over there.

    For the most part, the layout is too open, empty, flat, and basic to be all that enjoyable for TF2. The moving gondola idea could be interesting if implemented correctly but mostly this layout needs more thought put into it. Think about how official koth maps are made, what they add, and why they add it, then try to incorporate those ideas into you're own when putting a layout together. Give it another shot and see what you can come up with :D
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    I can get the first part, im thinking of making the building seperating the spawns accessible but make it so the shutter doors cannot be accessed by the enemy team, there is no death pit though, under the bridge is the canal which is swimable, players could climb back onto land but not the gondola, I can get the sightlines thing, im not good at fixing those, if this was made of leave that problem in the hands of the map maker who has more experience and probably has also gotten feedback and tips. Dank u!