[REQUEST] In need of Skybox Creator! Huge Panorama Included!

Discussion in 'Textures' started by Void, Nov 19, 2008.

  1. Void

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    That, my friends, is the Crowfoot glacier. In panaromic form. Skyboxes can be made out of Panaromas.

    You know what I'm asking and why I'm asking.

    I need a skybox using that image as a base. It's the actual Crowfoot Glacier. It'll make the map more believable, and more immersive! BUT, as of now, it's too realistic, and doesn't fit the TF2 style just yet. AND I don't have a skybox-creating program that can be used on Macs.

    Can anyone do this?

    And no, I'm not going to use the Alpine Skybox. After it's release, it's already far too overused.
  2. l3eeron

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    I have a new challenge!

    I've never made a skybox out of an image, but I will try!

    ...any progress, and I will keep you posted.
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  3. laghlagh

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    I'm seriously on this, will post eventual WIP.
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