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Discussion in 'Request Area' started by Taco!, Nov 6, 2011.

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    well here it is.. it might be a stupid request but im posting it anyway......

    I am requesting to set a up a community map project called the "MEGA MAP PROJECT" or the uber map . basically what it will be is a combination of 3 participating community members maps fused together to make one big uber map, "the one stop place for death match, achievement bot farming , surfing, and trade". the 3 types of maps that im looking for are (surfing death match and trade). Anyone who gets their map fused into the mega map will get instant admin on my server plus a copy of the mega map to put on their server "if they want". I will also put their name under map authors section so i can give credit were credit is do. note im looking for SMALL maps because i cant add in anything too huge for obvious reasons .

    anyone can participate in this, all you have to do is send you map to
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    Why not just smash a bunch of idle and achievement maps together and call it a day?
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