REO Speedwagon & Jotaro Kujo w/ TF2 Hats!

REO Speedwagon & Jotaro Kujo w/ TF2 Hats! 2019-08-04

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ʙsi | egn

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Jul 8, 2017
REO Speedwagon & Jotaro Kujo w/ TF2 Hats! - drawing of two jjba personalities wearing tf2 hats


This will be my third year participating in the TF2Maps Summer 72hr Jam!
For this year's entry, I decided to draw Robert E.O. Speedwagon from Part One of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure known as Phantom Blood, though he is also shown in Part Two known as Battle Tendency. Unfortunately in Part One, one of his friends ends up passing, and to pay homage to him, he decided to adopt his famous black-and-white-diamond-shape-checkered-hat. As it is an inside-joke between friends, I decided to swap out his pals hat for the Ghostly Gibus from TF2. In the drawing of Speedwagon, he is rocking one of his more famous poses from a common screenshot taken by fans, which showcases a 3/4 view of Speedwagon where he usually has his arms folded. For my drawing, though, I decided to not show his folded arms as it did not fit what I was envisioning. I, also, decided to draw Speedwagon in my own art-style, which is an anime-ish/cartoon-ish mixture.
(Image of Speedwagon).

As for my second drawing, I decided to do a quick sketch of Jotaro Kujo originally from Part Three of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure known as Stardust Crusaders, though he is also shown in Parts 4-6 (Diamond is Unbreakable, Golden Wind, and Stone Ocean). In the anime, his eyes tend to turn shadowed-over and completely black when he is either pissed off, frustrated, or in a serious mood. In reference to that, I decided to draw a bird-eyes-POV of him rocking his signature serious-face. For his hat, I referenced the 'Tsar Platinum' cosmetic, which is available for the heavy. I ended up adding the hat-hair merging that is shown in the anime too, to make it more true to the anime/manga.

(I added my Steam Profile URL in the Additional Information URL)

Reference Images:
(Speedwagon) (I used a heavy model, added the Ghostly Gibus, and Heavy's Hockey Hair but painted it yellow.)
(Jotaro Kujo)
https://statici.behindthevoiceactor...s-bizarre-adventure-stardust-crusaders-46.jpg (I used a heavy model and added the Tsar Platinum.)