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    Every few months, issues of a particular nature seem to crop up. The staff feel that it's necessary to remind everyone of one of our most important rules: Don't be a dick.

    If you don't like someone's work, explain your point of view. Even if you don't have a particular criticism, a simple "I don't like this but I don't know why" is still marginally useful. However, be mindful of your words. At the end of the day, rude criticism is still rude speech, regardless of whether or not you intended to help. If you believe that your opinion deserves to be respected, provide criticism that deserves respect.

    Bad fellowship is just about the only way to get yourself banned from our community (aside from spam). We expect you to treat everyone fairly and with respect, regardless of skill, nationality, beliefs, gender, sexuality, etc. If you are banned from the community, understand that the staff mostly do it for the wellbeing of other members. We hope that you will come back with a better attitude. Staff
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