Remaking the pit, and making an oddball-style mode

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Siah Sargus

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Aug 30, 2015
2007 was a good year for vídeo games

This one is still in the planning stage, but I want to know if it is even a workable idea before I start. I was playing some Halo 3 the other day, and I was reminded how much I loved that game. In particular how god some of the maps were. It’s been a while since I did any serious map making attempts in TF2, I’ve taken a big hiatus, but there are a few things that have changed, that will allow me to make halo-style maps. Chief among those; pass_time and koth_probed.

So, I am going to make ctf_pitstop. It’s based on The Pit from Halo 3. It had the best chance of being converted to a TF2 map with the smallest number of changes. The largest change, of course, is that TF2 has protected spawns, and Halo, typically does not (although that didn’t stop me in Halo: Reach’s forge mode). For the Pit, the answer was clear, the respawn rooms would be located behind the second story above each teams “pit”. It was an area that was clipped off early in Halo 3’s multiplayer, once The Pit was replaced with “Pit Stop”, because it was such a strong position to hold from. I would add a staircase that would connect to each team’s mauler hallway, to connect the second story to the first.

The second major change I was going to have to commit to was game mode. CTF in TF2 isn’t great. It’s a glorified dm stalemate. And The Pit wasn’t really designed specially for ctf any more than it was designed for team slayer. I considered KOTH: There was no clear place to put a control point without radically altering the layout of the map to ensure it played well. I considered a Hightower-style payload race set up, but that, too would require a great number of changes. Finally I decided that it would have to have its own game mode, it’s own style of play, to take advantage of the layout of the map. I figured oddball was the best choice.

I want to create a map with a neutral intelligence briefcase at the center that can be picked up and moved around by either team, and while they are holding said intelligence, their round timer decreases, like in king of the hill. I will give the map flavor text about “downloading the files from the briefcase before the other team” to explain this. First team to zero on the timer wins. I want to know if that is possible to do, and how I would do it. For instance, something wild like parenting a control point entity to the intelligence. Would that work?

I also want to include every dynamic map element that Halo 3 has. This was what really sold me on making this map. The pop-up targets can work with the same logic as the shutter doors, and there are even convenient mercenary target cutouts, already made! The fusion coils can be made using tf_generic_bomb (thanks crash!) and my own modeling in blender, with a few tweaks from their origin design to get them looking more TF2-esque. The lift fans on either side of each teams’ sniper towers will be the jump pads, from pass time, with a few tweaks. I foresee no problems with map elements that fling players into the air and a very sensitive fall damage system! That is the part that I am most likely to change, as the jump pads don’t quite match halo 3’s gravity lifts.

This will not be a 1:1 scale remake. I plan on remaking the spirit and layout of the map to the TF2 scale, and making it match TF2 timings. It was originally designed for 4v4 matches, so a 12v12 should be pure chaos, even with a well made map. But I’ll see how it plays once the map and anemone are in alpha.

Major questions are: Can you use the map logic in TF2 to make an oddball game mode? And can you think of a better way to do the fans/gravity lifts?


L2: Junior Member
May 25, 2017
hold the flag may be what you're looking for (ctf / koth hybrid prefab).

koth_slaughter_event has that shooting gallery at spawn which you may wanna take a look at for inspiration.