Remakes of Maps from Other Games

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by lerlerson, Apr 1, 2008.

  1. lerlerson

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    I'm kind of curious as to what all of you think of people remaking maps from other games.

    For example, if somebody was to remake de_Dust2 from Counter-Strike: Source, and it was done well, would you like it?

    Not that I'm remaking Dust, or any map actually, I'm just curious.
  2. R3dRuM

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    Would hate dust2, dust2 was designed for counter strike and for that type of gameplay, but i think some maps are acceptable, like old hl based games (quake series, q3f, enemy territory, goldeneye, hl1, tfc, etc..)
  3. drp

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    id probably have to play it first before deciding if i like it or not. problem is with map remakes of other games, is that they probably wont fit the tf2 gameplay style.
  4. Paria

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    im currently starting work on my next map - which is going to be a remake of mp_base from rtcw, it should fit into the tf2 style because it was based around cp's, only with engineers priming dynamite on them rather than just a simple timer, there are certain aspects which will need to changed - ladder access to upper levels for one - dimensions of some of the cp's , and alterations to certain areas that fit with tf2 - rocket jumps heights / amount of cover etc etc, someone has already made 1 attempt at the map called cp_wolf - visually its fine however the gameplay i found to be a bit lacking (sniper tunnel of doom is way too long)

    If people expect a direct port to work then its likely to be lacking, however if people are prepared to take a solid layout and refine it for tf2 i see no problem.

    personally for me its a nostalgia trip, for a game i used to love playing.
  5. Shmitz

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    Straight ports from other games (including previous incarnations of TF) rarely play well at all in TF2. Some effort needs to be put into adjusting the layout and flow for TF2 and accounting for differences in spawning, class functionality, and balance. With enough work though, I think any port has the potential to be a great map in TF2.
  6. Koei

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    Even though ports can be nice, I still prefer original maps.
  7. TheBladeRoden

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    Another problem is that if people start whining about the layout, you can only do so much to accomodate them while keeping the map true to the original.

    Believe me I know :D
  8. Fragimus_Max

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    I think it is a universally bad idea to take a map from one game, and port it into another.

    My reasoning is the same as why you wouldn't play a game of Chess on a Backgammon board.
  9. Spacemonkeynz

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    Personly I would like to see some CS:S maps in TF2, I used to play CS:S quite a bit and it would be fun be able to setup sentry guns and rocket jump in the same places where I used to run around with my m4.

    Original maps would be better, but it still would be fun to play on the old CSS maps.
  10. YM

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    Have you played cp_dust2 yet?

    go play that, THEN tell me that you think CSS maps will be a good idea....
    The reason CSS maps will never be good for TF2 is this:
    The only people that want them enough to make them most likely won't have enough mapping skill (or wit) to realise that they will need to modify them heavily to make them play well.
  11. Snipergen

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    And THATS why I let youme speak for me, I don't even have to type it anymore :D
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  12. Zoyx

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    I am in the middle of converting Weapons Factory maps. The first one I did was "No Fear". WF is a TF-like game, so the map is already taking into account TF-like gameplay.