Relay or Team Round Timer?

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by Open Blade, Nov 1, 2008.

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    I am making a quick little small map sorta like Hall Of Death but it's going to be an attack defend. Just something different to play when the server is not full. Almost done, just setting up the entities now.

    Anyway, I have a few gates at the Blu spawn area to keep them from running through the map at the start up after they come out of the blu spawn room. The gate models are controlled by a func door of course and right now I have them set to open via the Team Round Timer after the SetUpTimer counted down to 0. I used this on a previous map that was capture the flag. The gates reset when a new round started.

    But since this is an attack defend map where you switch sides after the round, do I need to set that up differently? I looked at Gravel Pit and noticed those func doors were controlled by a relay.

    Can I still do it the way I have it set up or do I need to change it to how Gravel Pit style is?
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    depends...generally speaking you would normally use the relay if its for more then one door, as that just easier...but it should be doable without...
    the problem you might run need to close the gates at the end of the round so they do not start open on the next, of course...this might not apply if your only doing one round
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    Relays are just to keep things neat, they're not totally required.
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    A round timer works fine. When it activates a round_win entity in the end using the onfinished output you can force a map reset and that the teams change. The map reset then closes the doors again so each round works well.

    the same should be done in the team_control_point_master. it has the same options.