Relative teleport without stutter?

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Jun 21, 2018
SOLVED! Found out through Reddit the teleport location has to be on the same Z axis.

(this is a copypasta from a post I made on Reddit, I didn't know about this forum until a friend referred me)

Hello, I've been trying to make a relative teleport so a player wouldn't know they were walking down a hallway and suddenly put inside a different hallway. And it works, but not perfectly. I have a trigger_teleport with a local landmark entity connected to a point_teleport (the other teleport entities like info_teleport_destination work fine as well) and it works fine and dandy, but one small problem. When you teleport the camera visibly jumps/stutters.

Now I have tried jumping through the trigger_teleport and that is perfectly seamless, it's only when the player is touching the ground does it jump. I think it's because of how you're sort of magnetically stuck to the ground. (like how with 0 grav you can walk down smooth ramps, and how in spec when you hit the floor at a low angle you lock to it for a sec)

Is there ANY method around this that doesn't involve changing the geometry of my hallway? I don't want to force the player to jump over some silly obstacle to force them to be mid-air whilst hitting the trigger, I want a seamless hallway to walk through.

Video example:

Thanks for any help and suggestions
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Feb 14, 2010
SOLVED! Found out through Reddit the teleport location has to be on the same Z axis.

Yea that looks to be the issue. I wanna add that in surf maps this is used a lot for extending the surf past the grid so it wraps around from the other side (like pacman), but in surf the bump is less noticeable because you are flying through the air, instead of walking along the ground.

If you do need it at a different Z height, like if the lower-geo section was built into the layout instead of floating away from the map, you could experiment with forcing the player to jump into the entry teleport - like one of those halloween portaly things.