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Discussion in 'Site Discussion' started by grazr, Aug 30, 2010.

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    Please, please, please: Before you ask for announcements can you consider a little ettiquette and try to understand the bigger picture.

    The past couple events i've been asked to make/run have made me lose a lot of patience with people. Even impromptu's require a small amount of organisation and consideration. Blaming the mods for any failure is not acceptable. If you want a test, sign up for gameday or do a little social leg work before hand.

    Being a moderator does come with certain responsibilities but (we) I am not here to be walked over. I don't mind uploading your maps or making events but i will not be the recipient of resentment or foul talk when you can't get more than 2-4 players or i refuse to make an announcement. This is just the way things go sometimes.

    So please:

    • Do make sure there are no events already planned, running, or recently finished.
    • Do try to get more than 1 map into the event.
    • Do not add maps to the event for authors not present, unless permission was given.
    • Do not ask me to spam the group with more announcements for more players; if an initial announcement and one for more players does not work, humbly retire for another time.
    • Do not ask for an announcement if you cannot get even a few players to start filling the server.
    • Do not blame the mod if your map test does not go according to plan. There is no garauntee the server will fill or that you get feedback.
    • Do not bother PM'ing me for an announcement unless you really need one. I have spent too much time after having my attention diverted watching the steam chat for 5-10 minutes while you guys indecisively faff about, only to be told to forget it.
    • Do not ask for your map to be uploaded to the server during an event.

    Downloading your map, extracting and uploading to the server and the redirect can be a pain whilst in the process of running an event. Either get in whilst it's being organised or leave it for another time. Sometimes we'll add on a map at the end but we're more likely to add your map to the event list if it's already on the server. So don't hesitate for an event to start before asking for your map to be uploaded to the servers.

    This isn't aimed at any one individual, it's a number of people being Blasé about the whole process. Whilst for you it's just one occasion for us mods it's more than once or twice.

    So before this gets to be a bigger issue, please be more considerate.
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    I'm also going to add to this. I might not be an admin or server moderator but I've noticed this and it needs to stop.

    While we are running a TEST, be it Impromptu, Gameday, what-have-you,
    --Do not act like an immature child and slay/mute/gag people (VIP).
    --Do not let your entire team go a single class. We're trying to test a map, under normal conditions there won't be more than three of any class on a full team.

    If we're running a Casual play, that also does not mean you can screw around. Casual is, say, playing on Fireslash's server.

    If you and a bunch of chatroom denizens say "Hey, who wants to go fuck around in TF2," go have a blast gagging and slaying and drugging people.
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    May I add that if you cannot find other people who want their map tested then it is not okay to submit other people's maps just so that you have more than one.
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    Okrag speaks truth. Hardhat has been on the end of that so many times...
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    I haven't been around much lately, but seriously, have a little common courtesy people. Organize shit.

    This was something that annoyed me a lot when people decided to go 'tard mode. Admin is a tool, not a toy. And the purpose of testing maps is, testing how it plays normally... Not with 50 engineers, or 5 heavies going melee only...

    Fortunately, that wasn't very common last time I was here, so, hopefully, it didn't get any worse.
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    *Looks at tpg* *Looks at Propane*

    Yeah, I know what you mean.
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    Added to OP.


    I'll look into setting up class limits on the servers.