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PL Refresh: Borneo f2

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Jul 26, 2018
Refresh: pl_borneo - Significant changes to pl_borneo to improve competitive suitability

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This version of pl_borneo has hundreds of small changes which significantly improve competitive suitability.

Changes include:
  • Corrected clipping.
  • Better splash handling.
  • Clsoing off a lot of holes.
  • Compiled with BSPReveal
A full compilation of patchnotes from F1 can be found here

The original map pl_borneo was made by Sean "Heyo" Cutino and Matt "vhalin" Leahy


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Sep 5, 2015
JackyLegs updated Refresh: pl_borneo with a new update entry:

F2 release

Credit to Bereth for their work on this version

Thickened BLU spawn gate doors.
Fixed a seam on last.
Fixed a hiding spot in the tree before B.
Fixed BLU forward spawn points.
Fixed a gap next to the fence on A.
Improved the gap next to the stairs on B.
Improved small amount of clipping all over the map.
Removed collision on a few lights.
Added blockbullets along most of the walls that had playerclip.
Added a few blockbullets on steps...

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