CTF Redriver

Discussion in 'Map Factory' started by Arne, Mar 21, 2013.

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    This is my third serious map. Also my first capture the flag map. My first map to use custom expensive water textures and a modified set of skybox textures from SFM.

    It's in it's first alpha release.

    I have nothing more to write right now. But I can mention that I'm proud for succesfully creating my first CTF map.
  2. The Asylum

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    Well it's not very original, much of the layout is too similar to Doublecross- the bridge and overturned dumptruck look like they've been copypasted from Doublecross too
  3. Faux Rhinoceros

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    when the red river's a flowin'...

    oh god no
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  4. Sel

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    from looking at this for about a minute, I can say it looks mostly like doublecross if it was filled with water, and doubled in size (map is way too big in most places)
  5. SeanMcPhearless

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    I got to play this map just a little before tf2maps.net switched levels. From what I saw, It looked fairly decent! But here is my criticism and ideas: The first thing I did was walk around in the water, I'm not too sure if this was intentional but when I was under the bridge I kinda wanted some stairs around to get up there (I was playing as a pyro). Secondly, I noticed the map was pretty big, maybe not a bad thing, but could be worked a bit on. I did like how you made the walls at the spawn diagonal and such. And I loved the whole idea. Keep it up, it was fun to play on :)

    - Sean
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