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    Hey so I want to put the Red/Blu team logo in their respective spawn rooms but I can't find one that fits on the walls of my room. The room's size is 576x576x192.

    I am trying to add them to the walls through "Apply Decals" then using the texture filter "red logo" but none of them show up at a small size, and normally you can only see one or two letters the rest is cut off by the bottom of the floor and edges of the wall.

    And a quick question to the side: If I want to create a relatively open map (sky wise) and plan to use a skybox, how is everyone building a box to hold the void out and keep everything inside? And what sizes are you using for spawn rooms, and the overall map?

    Any help would be great.
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    Use the overlay tool instead of the decal tool for them. The filter is an exact file-name search, so it would be looking for a material with red logo in it, which won't happen since they don't have spaces. Filter for overlays or signs, I think those two cover all the things you could want to use in such a manner.
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    Use the Apply Overlays tool. You can rotate, resize and due what you please with poster textures using that. Use just "logo" for searching the textures.

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    Use the Skybox texture, I think it's named "toolssky," and apply it to a hollowed out cube that encompasses your map, sealing any leaks, and projecting the sky.


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    I think there's also a couple for download somewhere on the site...but then you'll have to learn how to pakrat :)