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    first of all this is in no way related to tf2 contribute and anyone who helps me with this will receive credit as it is due.

    ive been working on a skin for the direct hit for the past two weeks. ive finalized the texture an whatnot but i have a problem. i have two textures, one red one blue, for the launcher. sadly the direct hit doesn't accept multiple skins. here is where i need help.

    i cannot for the life of me figure out how to make it use multiple skins properly. ii have decompiled it and made it accept no skins and i've made it accept two skins but in both instances the model was completely invisible. i know the textures work because i can use them to replace the regular models texture just fine. if somebody could either recompile this model or instruct me on how to do it i would be incredibly grateful. (i found an online tutorial but it was poorly organized and hard to understand. also written in yellow on white.)

    sorry if this sort of request isn't allowed but i very much require assistance here.

    oh and the two textures are simply named c_directhit_red and c_directhit_blu if you would like to help. i assume for our more experienced modelers its about a five minute job. but what do i know.
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    does anyone at least have some experience with which they could direct me?
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    I don't have any experience but I would suggest having a look how they did it with the Blutsaugher and other team specific weapons.
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    I beleive i may know something.

    A decompiled model will have a qc file.

    Simply replace something like
    With the material names and the cdmaterials bit with the directory of these materials.

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    Creates a set of replacement materials used on a model. It is used to add alternative "skin" options for the model.

    * If no $texturegroup is specified, the model's VMT must be the name of the texture which was UV mapped onto the reference .SMD.

    * The $texturegroup command should follow after the $body in the .qc.

    Basic syntax

    $texturegroup skinfamilies
    { "<skin_0>" }
    { "<skin_1>" }


    * <skin_0> is the name of the default Material (VMT) file.
    * <skin_1> is the name of the alternative Material (VMT) file.
    * add as many skins as you like (performance considerations allowing).

    Tip:If all you want to do is have a different texture on each skin, simply clone the skin_0.vmt, rename it skin_1.vmt and change the $basetexture reference to the new_colormap.vtf. Make sure the skin_1.vmt and new_colormap.vtf files are placed in the appropriate subfolder of the game_dir/materials/models/ directory.

    $texturegroup "rockcliff_cluster01"
    { "rockcliff02a" }
    { "rockcliff02b" }
    { "rockcliff02c" }
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