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    So, I noticed that a new "cover image" thing was added to downloads that shows the images attached to the downloads. It's pretty sweet! If you don't know what I'm talking about, here's a picture:


    When looking into the new cover images, I realized that it's pulling the images in the order that they are attached to the download, and that you can't change the order without re-uploading the screenshots. The "manage" button on the cover only lets you re-position the existing pictures in the frame, but not change the order in which they are displayed.

    I have a request: enable us to rearrange the order in which the images are displayed in the cover slider thing. As it stands on Reactor's page, you see the (not very interesting) chalkboard first, then a bunch of dev textured areas mixed with the amazing artpassing by @Corvatile. I'd like to put the good looking pictures first! Some of this might just be me being lazy and not wanting to reupload the screenshots, but not being able to reorder them has felt like a missing feature for me for quite a while.

    (Forgive me if there is a way to reorder the images, but I've been here over a year and haven't found it if there is one!)
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