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Jan 13, 2010
Siem Reap - a 5CP Push Map.

Designed for the Pacific Pack theme, geometry inspired by Angkor Wat in particular.

Palm Trees by Ravidge, assorted jungle assets by Heyo. Thanks to ABS for time-saving prefabs and Fubar for telling me about a packing utility that doesn't use Java.

.bz2 link for server owners
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Sep 7, 2012
This map was quite pretty for an a1. That said, there are some definite kinks that could use some working out - there's a gigantic sightline from the second point through the shutter door and into the flanky cave area, and that entire area is rather dull and boring looking. Many of your flanks felt too long and drawn out, and the last point has a feel of symmetry where the one flank feels useless because it takes so long to traverse, only to come out a little bit further towards the point.

Your last point reminds me of this place:


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