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    I'm trying to make these platforms smaller,
    Using the transform tool makes them smaller, but it also moves them closer to each other...

    How do I make them smaller without them moving. Would I have to change them one by one? :confused:
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    Yes, unfortunately you will have to scale each platform individually. If it helps, you can hold shift and drag an object to duplicate it.
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    i'd use the vertex tool: :vertextool:

    note: you cannot undo or subtract a selection mistake while using this tool, so be precise or you'll have to retart selecting your verts.

    note: accidentally selecting a surrounding brush will cancel out of your current selection. to prevent this, select all the platforms you'd like to adjust and hit "ctrl+h" to isolate that selection, or hide everything else, before starting to select any verts. when you're done, hit "u" to unhide all your hidden brushes.

    note: hold ctrl while click dragging over verts to add to your selection. for hard to reach verts, hold ctrl and click them individually in the 3d view.

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