Ready Up: Competitive Team Fortress 2 film premiere

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    Ready Up: Competitive Team Fortress 2 is a film produced by about the competitive Team Fortress 2 esports scene, a scene that has thrived continuously on the community's support. From pro players and viewers, to casters and producers, as well programmers and designers, the film explores a look into the creation of competitive 6v6 over the past 10 years.

    The film will be premiering on February 18th 8:00PM ET / 5:00PM PT, live at ESA Rewind II before the Invite Grand Finals at Esports Arena in Santa Ana, CA. Additionally, you can tune into ESA's Twitch channel.

    Read on the TF2 Blog...
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    oh, i thought it was a new sfm film about competitive or something
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    I honestly thought it was like, competitive film-making.
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    I think I know how the film would go. There are two options that they could go to.
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    So many documentaries about esports these days. I'd rather watch a proper telecast of the actual matches. I know you can boot up the game and spectate people, and every player probably has their own Twitch stream from their perspective, but I'm talking about a professional sports broadcast,where they have like a dozen people controlling virtual cameras and another guy who's monitoring them all and constantly switching to the best perspective, and slow-mo replays of the best moments, and announcers...

    I dunno, maybe TF2 is too hectic for something like that to work. Because there's always too many players running around in different places doing different things.
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    The riveting documentary about filmmakers spending 72 sleepless hours trying to get a hand pose just right only for it to not even be in frame in the final movie. Near the end, there's just this somber, sad music playing and he's sitting on a bench at the airport, head in his hands, and shaking.

    Who wouldn't watch the shit out of that.
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