Ready Steady Pan Season 4

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    Signups for Ready Steady Pan Season 4 are finally open! We're very excited for all the frying pan action throughout the season, but one thing you may be asking yourself is "where do I signup?". The website is open for team and user registration over at, where you can also look for teams and players on the forums. Signups end on July 2nd, so be sure to get your teams ready for the ultimate pandemonium that is Ready Steady Pan!

    NOTE: Preseason matches start during the week of July 25th.

    For those who are new: Ready Steady Pan is a semi-competitive league involving the frying pan as the only damage dealing weapon allowed, as well as food and jumper weapons. If you want to connect with others participating in the season or want to get in contact with the many helpers that are volunteering, you can check out our Discord server on our website.

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    The pressure, the excitement, the melee range...

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    Why does @FishyUberMuffin keep disliking every blog post that has anything to do with competitive TF2?
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    yeah i'm wondering the same thing
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    Disliking would be understandable imo, afaik they've had some bad experiences with comp players. However i think its worth pointing out that the reaction is not a 'dislike' button but a 'disagree'. Given this blog post is merely pointing out what's going on, i don't see that there's anything to disagree with.

    Its not my place to say anything really, but when the disagree button was added there was a lot of discussion as to avoiding its possible misuse as a dislike.

    Going back to the topic at hand, i had no idea that Ready Steady Pan was anything more than a one off joke tourney lmao
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