KotH Rascal

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    Known Issues:

    -No cubemaps because they broke when I tried to use them and gave me a bunch of errors
    -a few overlays a broken for reasons I can't understand
    -some textures are completely black for no reason but they don't seem to affect gameplay so whatever for now

    Hi everyone! Thanks to the help of the super helpful people at TF2 maps (especially the patient ones in the steam group who answer every question :lol:) I've finally created a playable map!

    My inspiration for this map comes from cp_gullywash_final1, I was really interested in the way the second point worked, with a multi-tier capture point. I loved how the cover the point provided was offset by how vulnerable you were at particular angles. I named the map "rascal" after how cheeky I wanted players to be, hopping on and off the point behind the cover, blocking captures and stealing them too.

    The rest of it is inspired partly by koth_viaduct in terms of layout. There are some nifty rocket jumps to you make by rampsliding from tunnel to tunnel, and the map has a few skilljumps and tricks to discover. Anyway, it's my first map, so I might need some simple things explained to me, but I'm ready and willing to learn to improve it (or scrap it hehe)!
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    If you wanted players to be cheeky you should've called it koth_nandos
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    I took a look at it; I'm liking the layout! I did find a few bugs though. The resupply locker in RED spawn only works for blue players. Also, you can shoot through the spawn doors, and one of the doors isn't completely against the walls. You've got a few holes in the map; one right under the bridge with the window, and two leading outside the world (maybe causing a leak) on the ground just underneath. All of these are mirrored on both sides. I also feel like the cover on the top of the point is too strong; maybe try rotating it, so it gives you more defense on the side you are on?
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    Thanks for the feedback Narpas. I've made some adjustments and hopefully fixed the things you mentioned. There were no leaks (to my knowledge) I've also made some changes that you can find in the changelog. :D
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    Try to place few cubemaps during alpha stages. They are used aesthetically for reflective surfaces.
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    needs more raccoons
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    Big update. I seriously did try to get cubemaps working but every time they messed up and I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. I checked the wiki, but I'm clearly just an idiot. Anyway I remade the map from scratch. :D

    -completely remade the map from scratch (lol carving isn't a good idea)
    -revamped the side building, added a second floor
    -added displacements, sunk the point
    -added a one way door for attackers
    -added cover to the point, and a sick ramp that makes for wicked rocket jumps from the pits
    -added a bridge from drop down to the side building
    -extended trick jumps to be available to all classes
    -broke up the cap point and reduced the height and size of the cover
    -added ramps into the point from the ground level
    -added basic (vomit inducing) textures to things
    -added a few shitty props here and there as placeholders
    -tried (and failed) to get cubemaps working so I give up (for now)
    -removed the stairway to the tower, replaced it with a ramp and crate jump by the one way exit
    -added gross lighting that doesn't work well with the height of the buildings
    -help me pls