CP Rapids A20

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Mess About

L6: Sharp Member
Jan 16, 2017
hi, i have some feedbacks:
the fence, the box and the ramp on C have no collision
also there's no sign indicate which of those two routes inside the building on A that will lead to B or D, which could be confusing


Yet another Techie for the net...
Jun 19, 2015
- Removed bridge connecting D point to to A side high ground
- Added some more cover around D point
- Increased RED's respawn wave time when no points are capped (from 5 to 6), when first is capped (from 5 to 6) and when all points but the final point are capped (from 8 to 10)
- Decreased the cap time for last (35 to 32)

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(CNZ) B4rry

L1: Registered
Jun 11, 2020
will you be updating this map anymore?
I'm actually really interested in seeing how far it goes...