Randomized control points?

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    I hope this is the right place to ask...

    So I'm making a map, mostly for personal use. My plan is to have control points scattered around the map, with each one captured locking itself, clearing the ownership from every cap, then unlocking one at random.

    It's mostly a personal project; I like to mess around with bots a lot.

    The problem is, the control points seem to be ignoring my attempts at manually locking/unlocking them.

    There are four points in my current test setup. One is set to start unlocked, while the other three start out locked.

    Each point, when captured, triggers a logic_relay. This relay is set to lock all points, and clear their ownership. It then sets off a logic_case via its PickRandomShuffle input, which is set to unlock one of the points at random.

    However, when tested, the first point remains unlocked, and the other three points remain locked. I know the relay's going off because the first point does get cleared of ownership.

    I tried again, after I remembered about pointing the control point to itself as a prerequisite for capture. This ended up leaving ALL the points unlocked at the map start, though, despite three of them having been set to start locked.

    I have determined that the logic relay works, by switching out "locking/unlocking the control points" for "enabling/disabling the capture zones". However, this is not the solution I want, as there's no proper indication of which zone is active in the HUD, and bots don't seem to register the changed zones.

    Does anyone have a solution to this control point locking problem? I have a third idea, but it's rather tedious and complicated, so a better solution would be appreciated.
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    Two ideas:

    A - try using the SetTeamCanCap input on the trigger_capture_area to control availability.

    B - add two more points that are hidden from world/hud, defaulted one to each team, and have all in-play points require those two as a prerequisite, and then I think they should respond to the locking inputs.
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    A turned out to be the right solution, although I had a few issues at first. Turned out I had forgotten to re enable some capture areas.

    I'm still having some issues on getting bots to focus on the next point, but I think I can fix that by adjusting some delays on the logic_relay.

    EDIT: Fixed the bots. I changed the relay and the logic_case to use SetTeamCanCap AND lock/unlock the points. So now I have bots assaulting each point as they become available.

    Thanks for the help!

    Heh, B was the same "tedious and complicated" idea I came up with.
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    I've had a idea like this in my mind for a while as well. Basically something like a Turf War gametype that would work like King of the Hill, but randomly pick a new hill after each recap. Whichever team capped the point first would lose time from their timer until the other team caps, then a new random point is chosen. Idk how possible this may be but keep this thread updated as you make progress.