ARENA Randomgen A3

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I really suck!
Nov 5, 2016
Randomgen - The map that randomly generates itself every round!

Just what it says! Using logic_case, this map is made from chunks of func_brushes that are randomly selected so that each round is different! (Map is rotationally symmetrical too) No need to use a program beforehand!

It's more of a proof-of-concept for another idea I have, so the layouts don't vary much in height and are all pretty terrible, but this is the first time I've really messed with logic so uh

Have fun?
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Sep 24, 2017
I think this is a cool concept that could be used to make some tremendous ideas. I agree that the layouts aren't the prettiest, but for random map generation built into the map, it looks better than anything I would have made with it.

As for applications for this, I could see this being used for a lot of custom ideas. For example, in the custom mode Zombie Survival, this could be used to block off hiding spots or passages. This would make it so that players wouldn't resort to the same meta spots, which would promote exploration and learning the maps to their fullest.

I would write more right now, but I'm short on time. Regardless, I'm impressed with your logic work and proud of your creativity.


I really suck!
Nov 5, 2016
A lot of changes I'm cramming in before it gets playtested!
  • Added cinematic "scramble" effect showing the segments randomizing. There's also a new window in the spawnrooms to see it from!
  • Added second level of random segments for more height variation
  • Segments towards the front are ramps instead of blocks to reduce situations where certain classes may be unable to advance
  • Segments at mid have been removed temporarily while I work around Hammer messing up paste special
To do:
  • More segment types
  • Oh yeah... Stickies slide off of func_brushes... oops.
  • I'm having trouble with making empty segments because of asterixes
  • Other stuff

Read the rest of this update entry...
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The ImprovisE!

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Dec 13, 2016
Fancy making this map into a random maze? :p Because that's something I would do.
The idea would work for the medic - soldier duo maps as well. They could feel stale without some obstacles.