KotH Rainway Alpha a1

A koth alpha map.

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    Rainway Alpha - A koth alpha map.

    For feedback, send info to micromaniac.ytwitch@gmail.com.
    This map is currently in alpha, if you can, send me pictures and videos of glitches, exploits, and anything else. Thanks!
    This map is a small Koth map, which has a capture point on a bridge and a small sewer underneath. All feedback is appreciated.
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    A few things with download etiquette on TF2 Maps.

    1. Screenshots. Never upload a map without screenshots. Generally 5-6 with one being cl_leveloverview'd

    2. You don't need to mention the state the map is in the title. Not only is that already clear from the versioning, but it means later when you move into beta or release candidate you have to change the title of the thread.
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    Not even - you can get away with just one or two.
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