Racecliffs Final

A trade map with a simple race track.

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    Racecliffs - A trade map with a simple race track.

    So I came back to enjoy this simple 72-hour event once again.
    This time, I didn't go much with the creativity and rather went on the designing side of the mapping, which, as you can see still isn't in my hands yet. :D

    As this is a trade map, it doesn't have any rules. It is a weird one in a way that the lower terrain layer will instantly put you in the bumper car. Leaving the lower zone will put you back into the normal state where you can shoot etc.

    What I have learned is that at least for me, it's impossible to make a good scenery in 72 hours. Displacements are kinda fast to work with, but the props are a bit different as with the names and things, what prop should I put here, how rotated etc.
    I also realized that even after 3500 hours I put into TF2, I barely understand the level design of the game. Quite surprising to me.