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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Dr. KillPatient, Dec 3, 2009.

  1. Dr. KillPatient

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    I've started to do some modding for L4D2, and would love to join a community for it. I've registered an account on but the activation e-mail never seems to send. If you happen to know an admin/moderator on L4DMods, how might I contact him about it?
    Had no idea where else to ask, hope you guys can help. :blushing:
  2. grazr

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    You might also be interested in: which is run by a lot of the same admins/moderators here.

    Mostly it's for maps rather than actual mods, but you can pick up some levels/level designers from there.

    As for contacting an administrator over there, check the admins profile page, he'll possibly have an email contact. However, i've found a lot recently administrators have stopped doing this, i have tried to join several communities whereby the word filter never works, and i have no way of contacting the site to tell them that this is occuring. I've even gone as far as to get other friends, even from different countries, to sign up to those forums for me, but it never works for them either.

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