Questions for my Demoman Jump Map

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    Hey guys, I'm making an advanced demoman jump map and was hoping some of you could help me with some problems.

    1. Can I restrict team and class to blue/demoman only? I haven't tried yet but I imagine it would be complicated.

    2. I have 7 distinct jumps connected by hallways. Should I be using Area Portals to optimize FPS? or will it have no effect? (I've never used area portals before)

    3. What kind of prefix do you think I should use for my map? (Jump_InsertNameHere?)

    4. What do you think of excluding an endmap capture point? (only change map through server/admin/vote)

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    umm to strict class, you can make people join as a certain class, but they can change
    you could also just get rid of all the weapons for the other classes to make the classes useless

    yea but do the areaportals last

    i think jump_w/e is fine

    at least put a timer on it
    make it like a race to the finish
    with a cp at the end to show which player won the round