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Questions about my odd map

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by Comrade, Oct 15, 2008.

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    Hey guys,
    I've decided I wanted to work on my first fps map, which, unfortunately due to my large imagination, might be too big of an undertaking for me... but thats a different story. I wanted to know some opinions on different play styles, if they are possible, balanced, or just dumb.

    A. A normal CTF map, with with 2 intels, etc... but the twist is there are 5 command points: 1 in the middle, and 2 in each base:
    The one in the middle controls 2 towers in the middle that guards the enemies entrance, so basically when you cap the middle point you get access to the towers, so you can build a sentry in your tower if the enemies are deep in your base, or you can stop them from coming out of their base by building in their tower. I need to find a way to make the doors trigger to what ever team has the point, which i don't know if it is possible
    One of the two in each base controls a path through a cave that is on the side of the map, normally the cave is one way to only allow the team to go from their base to the water that is in the middle of the map, but the team that captures this point opens up the enemies path to allow a full, one way, side route to the enemies base.
    The other point in each base controls some sort of force field, visible or not, I'm not sure if I can pull it off but its worth a try. And basically this forcefield disallows the engineers from building on the surface around their intel, of course this is a big advantage so the point will be deep in the base, most likely past the intel.
    The only way you can win is to capture intel, not capture points, but the points allow different strategies and options to cap the intel.

    B. CTF map with 1 neutral intel in the middle of the map, the goal is to take the intel to the OTHER teams intel room. I'm trying to decide if I want to make capture points like the above, but less because some would tip the battlefield a little too much. If I do I think I'll just put 3, the middle one and the first example that allows a full one way path for the team that owns the point in each base.

    C. CTF with 2 intels that require you to take the intel to the enemies base, so it is like a bomb and in fact may make it a big map that requires along traverse across the terrain and base and perhaps short reset duration for the bomb, but only requires one cap and if you cap then maybe I'll add the explosion from payload maps in the base. Not sure if that is possible, again just throwing ideas out there because i hate this class I'm in right now

    D. This is probably the most interesting of all, but most likely impossible to do. Tug - of - war map with one payload cart, that BOTH teams can push... it will be a mirror map and the objective is to bomb the other teams base, and there will be 3 different checkpoints in the level, the middle will decide who is attacking and defending... for example: Both teams rush the cart but only 2 blue survive and start to push the cart, the middle becomes blue and if they stay on the offence, but fail to bomb the enimies base, they loose and red wins for a succesfull defence. Now this brings up problems, the cart cant move back on its own at all... so this requries the other team to push the car back, and infact possibly go on the offence all together. So there is 1 checkpoint in the middle, 1 at the base of each bases door, and 1 inside the base, perhaps opening up that side route that is in every other example. The checkpoint outside each base door opens up the main door allowing the cart to come through, regularly there will be 2 doors that the enemies can come through, but the cart of course has to go through that checkpoint to open up the main gate. Then the 3rd point will open up the side passage and perhaps drop extra ammo and health at the explosion point for the bases' team to allow them to make a last stand with engineers, so it will get sicky once that last point is passed with cart, allowing the passage for fluid reinforcements, but also ammo and health for the other team.

    I'm new to this forum so sorry for posting in wrong place if I did.

    Thanks for any feedback and possibly re read this first post cause i might change as I go

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