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    I'm making a melee only map, where there are no objectives other than beat the crap out of everyone else. However, this map will be filled all sorts of fancy mechanisms, traps, and exploitable areas. However, I want to have the intel there as a sort of key: If you hold it, you can get to some areas others can't. However, I don't know how to make it so only people with the intel can walk through certain doors. Any help on this?
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    Hmm. I'll tell you a minimum that you ought to be able to to do. You can make it so that unless the intel is at its home location, any member of the other team can go through areas.

    However, if your goal is for only the single person carrying the intel to go through certain areas... Not sure.

    You could try a func_flag_alert entity with a filter_activator_tfteam on a door, but the flag carrier could still stop and let his teammates walk through.
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    You can use the Point_proximity_sensor entity to make the door only work when the intel is near. But I personally hate that entity because of the MASSIVE console spam....

    Keep in mind that this method wouldn't necessary keep non-flagcarriers out 100%

    edit: bleh, Again I completely forget the "new"-ish entities.
    Listen to Terr, func_flag_alert is much easier to use than what I described.
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