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Questions about FOG :)

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by Silver ` Cobra, Aug 27, 2009.

  1. Silver ` Cobra

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    Hi, I am building a new map,
    I want the map to has a fog.

    I made this pic :

    The Total Black - is the map -[the island].
    The blue - is the Water that U CAN see.

    The border of the blue and the red is the point that players stop see the water and will see FOG.

    Red is still water - but you cant see it because the fog.

    How do I do that :D ?
  2. shadowfax

    shadowfax L1: Registered

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    env_fog_controller Use that to create fog. You will have to tweak the settings to get the fog to start at the correct point. You shouldn't need to actually create the water in the red zone if you set the fog_controller correctly.
  3. Terr

    aa Terr Cranky Coder

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    The practical effect will be a sphere rather than a box: Fog is an effect on individual players that tells their computers to fade out at a certain distance away in a straight line.

    You can also use a 3d skybox (which has it's own separate fog settings) to show far-away stuff people can't actually get to.

    Although if they can never see it, why have water there at all?
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