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question about modeling

Discussion in 'Team Fortress 2 Talk' started by spot_the_spy, Jul 11, 2010.

  1. spot_the_spy

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    Hi i was interested in learning how to make models for use as weapons in tf2. I gather that its fairly hard to learn (obviously) but for starters i was thinking about altering an existing weapon for example, the machete. I was thinking about just "reshaping it" how hard with this be to do as my first project?


    bad pic, I know

    thanks to anyone who answers.
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  2. Tapp

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    Ah, another bidding modeller! If you're interested in modelling, I strongly recommend blender. It takes a while to get used to, but is worth it in the end. Yes, your first idea looks pretty easy, one could probably do it in less than a minute. But if you are completely new to modelling (an assumption) it's probably better you learn about making stuff from scratch, rather than editing.

    Just follow Blender 3D : Noob to Pro, and just muck around with blender. While weapons are relatively easy to model, they have a few restrictions in that they need to fit the existing hands and animations, as well as not going too far beyond the hitbox.

    I'm learning blender by just making a few simple props, not even finishing most of them. You'll spend a good deal of your time learning about what tools you have available, and as any artist will tell you it takes some time to get proportions right, as well as looking as you want it to. Also, is indispensable.

    Finally, make sure to always have HEAPS of reference pictures of what you're modelling, and always take Selentic's advice with a pinch of salt.
    Good luck!
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  3. Exist

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    I love you Selentic
  4. Mick-a-nator

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    Tapp speaks true words (and I'm flattered by some of them :blushing:). There is nothing fundamentally too hard about modelling, just mess around and see what come out from it. When you learn to model, you actually learn how to use Blender/3ds max/what ever, and that allows you to create things from your imagination.
    My tip for staring out? Sketch what you want to make, preferably in 2 or 3 views (front, side and top), then model from that reference picture (you can set an image as a background to trace over it).
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