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    After finding buildings can be built in spawn, I fixed it and used compilepal to compile my map.
    The first time (before the spawn fix) it worked fine (and countless times before that) and packed all my custom content. Cubemaps were also built.
    The second time I used compilepal, it packed some things but not others... why?? (The log said this a load of times: ZipFile: LZMA compression failed) so some custom textures were packed and others not. Cubemaps didn't seem to build either.
    Fixed this with VIDE but now I had to build cubemaps.
    I followed Xi.Cynx's steps for buidling HDR&LDR cubemaps but when I loaded the map after this, every thing that used cubemaps now looked extremely white (like every thing looked super exposed). The control point almost looked like it was glowing...
    Thankful for any help- esp the cubemap part. Damn this map has caused me endless hassle :(
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    Reflective things glowing white means you haven't built HDR cubemaps properly.

    Make sure you follow the tutorial for HDR cubemaps as well and build them twice, once with mat_hdr_level 0 and another with mat_hdr_level 2
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