KotH Quarry [Deleted]

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Ampulla of Vater

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Sep 23, 2018
Quarry - A quarry once for gravel is now Mann Co.'s oil well

When the brothers died, they left a Quarry used to mine gravel. Saxton Hale, using his magnificent fists, decided to dig a deeper hole when he acquired the property. Lo and behold, he struck "black australium" (oil) from the depths of the mine. Now, the old gravel quarry stands as a secret base for Mann Co and its main oil producer. The throne of the "gravel king" still remains intact from the brothers' reign. mann co.JPG


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Nov 5, 2016
Sorry to say, but there's already a map here named KOTH Quarry. If you want to have this map playtested you'd have to change the name to avoid conflicting filename problems.
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