q: restrict both teams from winning with team_control_point_master

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by martijntje, Nov 1, 2009.

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    okay, last update said there now is an option to choose "both" at the field "restrict team from winning" at team_control_point_master, however, I don't see it. the choices I see are red/blue and neither. how do I set this to both?

    with smartedit off I know 0 is for neither, 2 is for red and 3 is for blu, so I guess I should enter either 1 or 4.

    Yes, I do have refreshed the SDK content
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    It's 1. The option isn't there because valve is slow on updating the SDK. Refreshing it also will never help with this kind of stuff, that only unpacks new source files. Things like the FGD and other Hammer support files are refreshed every time it loads. (you can't edit the originals, which is why I have to use my own fgd filename that includes the original)
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