q: new gamemode idea (plr-like), is it possible and how?

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    the idea:
    Both teams have a payload cart, wich sits on a looping track. They have a set amount of time to make the cart make as much "laps" around the track.

    Also if a team reaches a certain amount of laps before the time runs out, they automaticly win.

    Is this difficult to implement?

    my idea:
    Technically a really long single stage plr where the cart goes around the track a couple of times before finishing. The advantage of this is that the HUD is no problem.

    The problem is that if the timer runs out I'd like the team that is closest to the goal to win. Also I would have a lot of duplacte path_track, wich would make it a bit messy.
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    Have a counter for each cart. Each path track it passes adds 1 to it. In the end use a logic_compare (or math_compare - dont know the exact entity name) to compare those 2 values and based on that you can decide the winner. If the values are equal just make the carts move forward to the next counter and let the cart that reaches it first win. (takes about 5 seconds to perform that check ingame depending on the distance of the path_tracks).

    EDIT: the exact way of how i would do it:
    each team has 1 logic_branch with a value of 0 (in this example called branch_red_counter).
    It has 2 outputs:
    onfalse - counter_red - add - 1 - 0.00
    ontrue - red_win - roundwin - - 0.00

    each pathtrack has the following output:
    onpass - branch_red_counter - test - - 0.00

    Each counter will output its own value to the logic compare when it chances (outvalue does that). The logic_compare will check the 2 values in the end (the compare entity is called cart_compare in this example)
    onequal - capturearea_red - disable - - 0.00
    onequal - train_red - setspeeddir - 1 - 0.10
    onequal - branch_red_counter - setvalue- 1 - 0.00

    if one value is higher than the other just make that team win the round.

    Then when the timer reached onfinished have the following output (not sure if its called test, its the compare action that must be performed at least):
    onfinished - cart_compare - test - - 0.00

    The effect is, each path_track will test the branch. normaly it simply adds 1. When the round is ended the logic_compare gets tested and depending on that it will decide the winner, when both are equal it will disable the capture areas and move the carts forward. When a cart reaches a path_track the path_track will test the branch again. but as now the value of that branch is changed it wont add 1 but make the team win instead. Ofcourse, all red actions should be for blue also.
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    So basicly this but with both teams?
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    How will you get the teams to combat each other - If the tracks are separated there will be no fighting. If the track is in the other teams base then the entire game will be like the final push in plr which I don't think makes for very good game play.
  5. absurdistof

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    Well, the tracks could loop around so part of it (a very small part) is in front of the enemy base, and both carts start together.
  6. martijntje

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    with seperate tracks I didn't mean having different routes
    the carts will be side to side like the final stage of pipeline.